Thursday, June 6, 2019

Downhill Stretch

As our days begin to feel more and more like summer, we know we are on the downhill stretch to head back to Ecuador. We all have some mixed feelings as we think about going back. We have loved being back in the States closer to friends and family here. But we also are looking forward to being back in Quito.

History Class

Scott has already received a request by national leaders to teach a class this fall on the history of Avant’s ministry in Ecuador. He will need to do some research to be sure he gets the details right, looking into the stories of missionaries who were there for decades before we were. In some ways it feels strange to think of teaching Ecuadorians about their own history, but we realize the current generation is losing their perspective on sacrifices that were made both by missionaries and by early national Christians. Studying their roots will help the church further ground themselves in their biblical foundations.

6th Grade Classroom

We had several surprises last month. Kristi has been in the Alliance Academy 6th grade classroom for the past 7 years. She received word that the class moving up will be losing several students and only has around 25 students for next year. The school administration is left with a hard decision concerning whether we can continue with 2 teachers in 6th grade for next year. Pray that some new students will enroll or for wisdom if that doesn’t happen.

Caring for Mom

Another surprise was Kristi’s mom falling and breaking her arm just below the shoulder as well as several bones around her eye. They were unable to cast the arm since the break was so high, so she began by using a sling. After 2 weeks the x-ray showed it was not healing correctly, so they did surgery last week putting 3 pins into her arm. Thankfully the pain is improving. Please pray for her as she continues to heal.

We had a 2-week trip planned to the Chicago, Indiana, Michigan area. Since we have been living with Kristi’s mom, we made some adjustments and cut it down to one week. Thanks to Kristi’s two sisters for helping mom out during this time.


The highlight of May was having Luke home from college for 3 weeks. But just as we had grown accustomed to having him back with us, it was time for him to leave for HoneyRock Camp in Northern Wisconsin. We had to say goodbye to him till he visits us over Christmas break. Please pray for Luke during his summer as counselor at camp.


Lindsey graduated from 8th grade the middle of May. It was a fun way to celebrate her year of school in the States this year. She is excited to get to play basketball several times a week during the month of June and spend time with her friends. Please continue to pray for her transition back to Ecuador next month.


We still have some traveling to do and will be speaking in 6 churches before we travel back. Please pray for safety as we travel and that we will encourage others towards missions.

June 9—First Mennonite Nappanee, Indiana
June 19—St. Luke Newton, Kansas
June 23—Rose Hill Langford, South Dakota
June 30—Holcomb Holdrege, Nebraska
July 7 – Spirit of Faith Omaha, Nebraska
July 14—Koerner Heights Newton, Kansas

Thank you so much for praying for us