Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Greetings from the US

Since we last wrote you we have been busy with settling in to our new home in Quito and coming back to the US for a short home assignment. We have been in the US for almost a month now. We've been so busy traveling and visiting people that it has been hard to keep all of you updated with email. It has been good to reconnect with several of you and we are still looking forward to seeing many more before we go back to Ecuador next month. Pray that we will be able to visit many supporters this summer and increase our support level a little.

One extra challenge was an unexpected trip to Houston where we had to renew Lindsey's Ecuadorian passport. Since she is a citizen of Ecuador she actually carries two passports. Unfortunately during our trip home we realized that her Ecuadorian passport had expired and we would need to renew it before our trip back to Quito. Scott and Lindsey took the trip alone. Things went smoothly at the consulate and now we are hoping to receive it in the mail later this week. Pray that there won't be any snags in this matter.

One of Lindsey’s favorite moments was
a little stop to see Sam Houston!

Kristi's mom had knee replacement surgery a couple of weeks ago. We are helping her with her recovery process. Her recovery was complicated a little since her shin bone broke during surgery. Nevertheless we are seeing improvement. Please pray for her continued healing.

Pray that God would maximize our efforts at connecting with people this summer.
Pray for an increase in financial support.
Praise the Lord for an easy renewal of Lindsey's passport.
Pray that her passport would arrive as expected.
Praise the Lord for his help for Kristi's mom.
Pray that she would be encouraged by continued healing.