Thursday, August 23, 2018

Changing Seasons


Quito is sometimes called the land of eternal spring, where the only seasons are wet and dry. We like the weather a lot, but sometimes it's good to pass from one season to the next. As we look back on our summer, our hearts are full of memories and thanks to God for what he has done.

Changes for Luke

Luke graduated from high school and spent the month of July in Kansas with his Grandma and working for a friend who builds houses. He survived the hot weather and began to adjust to living in the states.

Summer Ministry

In July, the rest of us enjoyed having a team from First Baptist in Newton, Kansas in Quito for 10 days. They sent a team of 10 to work at a Christian orphanage in Quito. We enjoyed our time making some new friends and serving alongside of them.

Scott was able to take Pastor Chip to several small Quichua churches in Quito and they were able to encourage them in their walk with God as they continue reaching out to their communities around them.

Family News

The month of July was full of goodbyes and packing up our house as we got ready to head back to the states for a year of home assignment. We landed in Chicago and were able to catch up with David and Shelby for a few days. Pray for them as they are seeking God's direction in an opportunity to serve God overseas.

Lindsey started her 8th grade year at Berean. So far her adjustment has been smooth. She is playing Volleyball. Pray that she will be able to make some new friends quickly.

We recently moved Luke into his dorm at John Brown University. He loved the missionary kid and international student orientation the first 3 days and felt at home with this group of kids from around the world. He also has quite a group of latinos with whom he can keep up his Spanish. Please pray for Luke with all the college adjustments.

We also had Joel here for a week. He attended a missions conference in North Carolina prior to coming here. He is really excited to see how he might fit into overseas missions in the near future. For now he is back in Spokane and working. Please pray for him as seeks God's direction in his life.

Next Steps

Scott and I finally have some time to breathe this week and get caught up on some things. Our van was in an accident, so we need to decide if we will fix it or replace it. We still need to get cell phones. Pray for us as we begin filling in our calendar. We want to see as many of you who support us both with prayers and finances as we possibly can.


I think a recent conversation we had with Luke and Lindsey sums up how we are doing right now. As the days have been a little cooler and there is the hint of fall around the corner, we were talking about how the trees will all change color and the leaves will fall off. Luke and Lindsey don't remember experiencing this before and even Scott and I haven't seen it in 13 years. And the same for winter. So as you begin to see the trees changing colors, remember to pray for us and for all the "different" things we are experiencing, especially for Luke and Lindsey as they are experiencing life in the United States for the first time other than summer vacations.