Sunday, April 22, 2012

New Prayer Requests

In the past month, Scott was able to spend three days in Guayaquil down on the coast of Ecuador. He presented the material on the Avant statement of faith. Pray for those who attended, that they will be able to go back to their own churches and share it with their own church members. He was able to videotape it and now hopes to have time to edit it and put together a simple DVD to share in other locations that have interest.

He also was back in Colta teaching a day on the Doctrine of Christ. For that day he had 60 in attendance. This group meets once a month and it is exciting to see how it is growing in number. Please pray that they also are growing in their walk with Christ.

In a couple of weeks Scott is scheduled to be back on the coast in the city of Babahoyo teaching Greek in the Spanish seminary, May 11-12. It has been a couple of years since the last time he taught Greek. It has been a difficult class for his previous students to grasp. It takes a lot of work outside of class and many of his previous students haven't been willing to put the time into it that is needed. Pray for Scott to take a difficult subject and make the material interesting and practical for these students.

Last month we asked you to pray for our brother-in-law Dan. Because of liver cancer he was on the transplant list. Two days after we sent out our update, He got a call in the middle of the night that there was a liver for him. It was amazing to be kept up to date by emails from his wife throughout the day. By 8:00 that night he was out of surgery with a new liver! It has been an up and down kind of month for them. They feared he was rejecting the liver, so he had a biopsy done a few days ago but the results showed all to be good. Please continue praying for healing for Dan. He has a long recovery ahead of him. Also pray for his family for strength to continue on and for a return to normal life.

David finishes up his 2nd year of college in 2 more weeks. We are thankful for a summer job/internship with one of his professors for 10 weeks this summer. They'll be working on designing a water system for a 3rd world country. Since he is studying civil engineering, and after living in a 3rd world country, he is excited about this opportunity. He'll be able to live in on-campus housing but will be cooking for himself for the first time.

Joel turned 17 today! In the last months he has passed Scott up in height. We're going to be having a party for him next weekend with friends. We're putting together a murder mystery party, "A Knight of Murder," for him. Pray for him as he finishes his Junior year and begins to think of his future after high school.

Luke and his class are in the middle of working on the 6th grade musical that will be performed in a month. He has one of the speaking parts. Kristi also is in the middle of helping with this. It makes the days in 6th grade extra busy, but it is fun watching it all coming together.

This past week Kristi developed weakness in her left leg and has been in quite a bit of pain. We are in the midst of having it checked out, but are pretty sure it is a problem with one of her discs in her lower back. She'll be seeing an orthopedic doctor who specializes on the spine Monday afternoon. Please pray for Kristi to be able to get help with this problem. She took the day off of work on Friday and is spending the weekend resting. Walking is difficult and seems to irritate her back.

Praise the Lord for a good conference in Guayaquil.
Pray for growth in the lives of the leaders in Colta.
Pray that Scott's Greek students will apply themselves to their study.
Pray that Scott will teach the Greek class well.
Praise the Lord for providing a liver for Dan.
Pray for recovery for Dan and strength for his family.
Praise the Lord for providing a summer internship for David.
Pray for Joel as he considers his future plans.
Pray that the 6th grade musical will be a good ministry to families.
Pray for help for Kristi's back pain.

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