Monday, April 18, 2016

Leaving for Jama

Kristi and I have been really busy with ministry since the beginning of the year, and God has been doing some great things. My hope was to write an update this week to tell you all that has been going on, but something else happened that has changed our plans. I'm going to have to save a lot of our news for another time.

By now, most you have likely heard of the big earthquake that Ecuador had on Saturday. If you haven't, I'll let you google it. I don't have time to give many details now, but I want you to know of the need to pray.

Early tomorrow morning I am leaving for the coast with a team of people. We hope to provide relief for people in the town of Jama. It is town with about 40,000 inhabitants, located very close to the epicenter. It was one of several towns and cities that were hit very hard, and about 90% of the structures in the town are destroyed. We will be taking food, water and blankets. Our purpose is to distribute the relief items and ask the mayor and the local priest how we can help. We will likely encounter bodies of dead victims that are still needing to be processed, and people who need help with the most basic needs of life.

Jama is about 100 miles straight west of here. On a good day, it probably takes about 6 hours to get there. The roads in that area, however, are all ripped up. We aren't confident that we will even be able to drive all the way. Best case scenario, we are probably looking at a long day's trip. There is also a potential for carjacking and robberies on our way there.

I am taking much of my own water, food and camping equipment in a backpack. We may have some "luxuries" like a place to stay, but I'm planning for more extreme situations.

Please pray for God to open the way before us so we can reach these people who so desperately need help. Pray that he would enable me to find the needs I am suited for and to meet them well. Pray for the death toll to be stemmed by some of the efforts we are making. Pray that people will seek God with their whole heart as they face impossible physical circumstances.

I may not have any way to communicate while I am in the thick of the destruction. But if it is possible, I will continue to update Kristi as to my safety and the conditions we are facing. Please pray for God's strength for my family for the entire time I am gone. My plan is to return in about a week.

I have posted some good information by Facebook. Kristi has too, and she might put more updates there during my time away. You can find us on Facebook here:
Scott on Facebook
Kristi on Facebook

If anyone is interested in donating for the need in Ecuador, there are many good organizations. The following three are really good options:
Extreme Response
Samaritan's Purse


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