Friday, May 25, 2018

Pause for Prayer


Sometimes it's hard to be disciplined about sending out these prayer updates. We need to remind ourselves it's worth pausing normal life long enough to inform you so you can pray more specifically for us. We know it's worth the effort. It occurs to me that it's probably much the same on your end. We are grateful that many of you are also in the habit of pausing long enough to bring our requests to the Lord. Here's an update to help you do it well.

Another Month of School

Today is a vacation day celebrating the Battle of Pichincha. I (Kristi) am thankful for a day at home before we go for the final stretch of 5 more weeks of school. It is rather hard when most of our US friends on Facebook are posting that they are already done with school. The next 2 weeks are going to be busy getting ready for our annual 6th grade musical. This year we will be presenting “I AM”. We live in a technological age, but the same God who Spoke to Moses from a burning bush still wants to communicate to us today. In our story, they are trying to create an App just for learning about God and seeking God in our real lives in order to be changed. This musical will be presented 4 times. Please pray for long practices, and that the hearts of the 6th graders really will be challenged to know God in their real lives as we sing these words over and over.

Changes for Luke

Luke is in his final weeks of his senior year. His class just returned home last night from their senior trip. They spent 5 days at the beach. He will be attending John Brown University in Arkansas this coming year. He has a lot of ideas of what he might like to do but hasn’t decided on a major yet. Luke arrived in Ecuador as a 2-year-old, so this really is home for him. Pray for him as there are many new adjustments ahead for him.

Home Assignment

As a family, we are looking ahead to spending the next year in the United States beginning in August. We have spent much of our extra time this past year sorting and getting rid of many things, as we will be putting all our belongings into storage for the year. We are looking forward to having more time to reconnect with each of you.


I (Scott) have recently had some great opportunities for mentoring and discipleship. A class I taught for a few weeks in Cajabamba on theology was for a pretty small group of students. Sometimes in cases like this I wonder if the effort is worth it; but through a series of events I was able to connect one of my students with a pastor here in Quito who is looking for more Bible training. Now Antonio and Juan have renewed a friendship that was dormant for years, and I think the Lord might use Antonio to meet some needs in Juan's life. Juan is also beginning a program of study online with Dallas Theological Seminary in Spanish. It's been a thrill to help him learn how to use a computer to access his class. This will be a big challenge for him (academics, discipline, computer skills, and finances); pray that he will be able to meet it. Pray that the Lord will use his studies for growth in his life and ministry.

Thank you for pausing long enough to read our update! Would you also be willing to lift us before the Lord in prayer?

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