Tuesday, October 8, 2019


We were overwhelmed with so many of you praying for us as Kristi went through finding and removing the tumor on her pancreas. God answered your prayers above and beyond what we could have imagined. Today we ask you to pray for the beautiful country of Ecuador.

Last week the Ecuadorian president made the decision to take away the subsidy for gas and diesel causing both to increase in price significantly. All the transportation services called for a national strike on Thursday and Friday. Buses and taxis were blocking roads as well as burning tires in the middle of streets, protesters were out in key spots as well as looting and violence occurring. The President declared a state of emergency.

Over the weekend the indigenous people groups began marching toward Quito to protest as well. The President and his main cabinet have actually left Quito and are working in Guayaquil. Schools have not held classes since Wednesday and are suspended until further notice. Major roads continue to be blocked making it difficult to get around. Many flights have been cancelled. Grocery store shelves are empty. Tomorrow many protests are expected again.

Please pray for peace. Pray that the different sides in this issue would be able to find a way to work together. Pray for God's people to shine light in the midst of a dark situation.

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