Friday, September 19, 2014

Fifth Grade and Five Books

New School Year
Kristi and the kids started a new school year at the beginning of the month. Kristi's responsibilities have changed a little this year, as she is teaching only Math to both 5th and 6th graders. One of the advantages is that she can focus on only one subject. The biggest challenges have been learning to know 75 students and sometimes grading that many papers in one day! Join us in praying that she could get more help with her grading—maybe from a high schooler teacher's assistant.

Theological Education
I will be teaching a seminar this weekend in a local church close to here. It will be Friday evening and all day Saturday. The church posted this promotional poster on Facebook:

I will be teaching about how we can do a better job of studying the Bible for ourselves and to prepare for ministry. The pastor asked me to promote the seminar on our local Christian television station, so I was interviewed on live TV last Friday.

Pray that God will bring the people who need to hear the message he's given me. And pray that I will be able to adjust well to whatever mix of people come.

Next week I will be teaching an intensive 5-day course on the Pentateuch (the first 5 books of the Bible) in Yaruquí. This is a new branch of the seminary located in Riobamba. The nice thing for me is that it is a lot closer to home—just about an hour and a half away. I really enjoy this particular course and am looking forward to presenting it to a new group of students. Pray that they will also find it beneficial.

Although I'm thankful for the chance to do more teaching than I have for a while, it's partly due to some delays in the area of property issues. There are some beaurocratic steps that I've been trying to push forward, but they are dragging out for months. Please pray that our legal representative will be able to take the steps necessary to get them finished up. Also pray with me about some decisions that need to be made regarding some legal and administrative issues. There are several complex issues that I am wrestling with right now for which I need wisdom.

Our account with the mission dipped slightly into the red last month. If you can help with some extra giving, it would be beneficial to us right now. You can help us fulfill our ministry by making an online donation to Avant Ministries here, or by printing this donation form for mailing in with a check. Thank you for all the prayer and financial support you give!

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