Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Touching Lives Who Touch Others

Thank you for praying about our opportunities for ministry. I (Scott) had a great time teaching the seminar on Bible study as well as the class in Yaruqui on the Pentateuch. Hopefully the students enjoyed it just as much as I did, or at least feel that they profited from it! It was good to see the commitment of over 20 students in Yaruqui who want to deepen their knowledge of God's Word. Now I have some grading to do.

I wrote last time about being interviewed on television to promote the Bible study seminar. One of the ladies who came because of that interview is someone who has been searching deeply for truth. She has been receiving teaching from Jehovah's Witnesses for about 8 months and wanted to hear another perspective. After the seminar, she approached me asking for help to know what is true. She told me she feels so very confused and pleaded with me to help her. I am amazed at the opportunity God has given me to open his word to her and her family. For the last several weeks I have been meeting with Patricia and her daughter, Denise, to study together what the Bible teaches. Their misunderstandings are deep-seated, but we have been making slow progress. They have a ways to go, but they are open and still searching for the truth. Last week, Patricia's husband, Victor, also joined us for part of the time. I think he is becoming more open as well. Please pray for spiritual understanding for this family, especially if you think of it on Wednesday evenings while we are meeting.

I am also thankful for increasing opportunities for discipleship—both with Spanish speakers and with people attending our English-speaking church in Quito. Pray for me to have wisdom to lead others who are searching for ways to deepen their relationship with the Lord. Also pray that this ministry will be multiplied through these people reaching out to others as well.

Each semester at Alliance Academy we have Spiritual Emphasis Week. This year with our elementary students, our theme was "Missionary, That's Us".  For many years, Ecuador has had missionaries come to their country, but we spent the week looking at how we can be missionaries right now. Following this week, one of my 6th grade students asked me for a Bible. He is from China and his family believes that there are many different gods in many different religions. Scott went out and bought him an English Bible. Please pray with me that as he reads it, God will open his heart and help him understand the One True God who gave his life for him.

We are glad to have David coming to visit us next month for Christmas! Work and life are going well for him, and it will be good to spend some time together for a couple of weeks. Luke and Lindsey are doing well with sports and studies. Joel continues to live at home with us as he decides what his next step will be. Pray for each one of our children to thrive in their respective circumstances.

Missions Conference
This weekend I (Scott) will be participating in a missions conference in a church in Ambato. Pray that God would guide me to give a practical challenge that encourages the Ecuadorian churches to be involved in missions with both vision and realism.

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