Thursday, December 15, 2016

Learning Never Ends

Hello everybody, instead of the usual update written by my Dad, this is actually Joel writing to you! Question: when you guys finished with high school or college, did you ever feel like that was the end of your involvement with school? I have thought that I would feel that, but for the Edgren family, we can’t seem to get away from schooling and teaching. Maybe one day.

Joel at Moody
So, seeing as I am writing this update, I can tell you all that life at Moody Spokane is amazing! We’ve finished with our first semester, and everything has gone well. Most importantly though, I’ve made plenty of friends. My friends range anywhere from people I have had a few conversations with and enjoy having around to my closest friend, Jack, with whom I can just be goofy and not worry about anything. Like that running joke about starting a rebellion just for the fun of it. Prayers that the second semester would go equally as swimmingly are welcome.

The Newlyweds
We were overjoyed to add a new addition to the family when Shelby and David got married in August. Reportedly, David is more head over heels in love with and devoted to Shelby than ever. In addition, Shelby recently started her job as a nurse on the Mother Baby floor at Rush University Medical Center, which is where she graduated.

My Dad got the chance a couple weeks ago, to go to Machala and teach the Pentateuch. Machala is a coastal city with a very warm friendly culture, and so it is always a pleasure for him when he gets to teach at that location. Not only that, but I personally know that the Pentateuch is his favourite topic to teach on, so it is no surprise that he enjoyed his time teaching quite a great deal. Machala is also near the border of Peru, so he was able to head to Peru and try some Peruvian food while he was in the area. We can pray that Dad’s students may continue to grow and that their future ministries will be blessed.

My Mom, on the other hand is still teaching. She is back to teaching Math and Science to 6th graders. This year, she has Lindsey in her class as well, but really, she loves all her students dearly. As we speak, this evening, she and Lindsey will be busy with their parts in the elementary Christmas program at Alliance.

Avant Latin America Conference
Avant Missionaries from Columbia, Ecuador, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, and Bolivia met last month in Quito. A highlight was the encouraging speaker who spoke at the conference. At the conference, they talked about different ministry strategies as well as administrative details with the home was held in Quito so my parents were the only ones who did not have to travel far. We obviously aren’t the only missionaries here in Latin America, so it is important that we use this as a reminder to pray for other missionaries around Latin America.

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