Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Touching Lives

There sure has been a lot of talk about politics lately. Just when the news coming out of the US was calming down, the Ecuadorian political scene was heating up. A few days ago we had the first round of a big election in Ecuador. Believe it or not, Ecuadorian politics is currently at least as divisive as the last US election, and in some ways even more so. If you want to learn more, you can probably find better information online than what I could write about it. Let me just ask you to pray for peace in Ecuador and for God’s will to be accomplished.

Touching Lives
True ministry touches people’s lives, and It’s been good to see God at work that way in several situations. Please pray for a couple of young ladies that I recently introduced to each other. My hope is that one can have a significant impact on the spiritual life of the other. Pray for an elderly gentleman with whom I hope to soon have a deep conversation about his spiritual condition. Pray for the right opportunity for me and a soft heart for him. Pray for a seven-year-old girl whom I recently visited in the hospital. Pray that she recovers fully from pancreatitis and for encouragement for her family.

Alliance Academy
Alliance Academy has had a rocky past few months in regard to finances and accreditation in Ecuador. Just a few days ago we got a letter from the director with good news in both areas. Praise God for his work in and through this school. We are very thankful that Luke and Lindsey can attend a school like this. Kristi continues to find ministry at Alliance fulfilling. Please pray for lives to continue to be influenced for Christ at the academy.

Joel’s studies are going very well at Moody. Pray that his second semester will be as successful as his first! We would also appreciate prayer that he could find a job that would be a good fit for him.

I have begun to grade the assignments from the class I taught in Machala. For me grading is the least favorite part of teaching. Pray that I can finish it efficiently and that it will be a positive part of the learning experience for my students.

English Fellowship Church
Last Wednesday I enjoyed a retreat with the other elders of our church to plan for the next year. God is doing very significant things at English Fellowship Church and it’s a joy to be part of the leadership there. Pray for us to grow in our ability to impact people from all over the world who attend. Pray as well for Ecuadorians who are encountering Christ and learning to serve him through the local church. Pray for North Americans who have unique opportunities to cross several cultural barriers every week.

Support Change
We recently received word that one of our major supporters will be discontinuing their financial donations to Avant Ministries on our behalf. We are faced with the need of raising some additional support. Please pray with us for God to provide this need.

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