Tuesday, April 11, 2017

April Showers and Work that is Ours

Greetings from rainy Ecuador. Thankfully we live on the side of a mountain; otherwise it feels like I might have to write this while treading water! We are currently in one of the strongest rainy seasons of the past several years. Peru and Ecuador are paying for it with flooding, lost lives and damaged property. The consequences for our family are very small compared to those who live on the coast, but we haven’t been untouched. Homes in Quito are not heated, which generally isn’t a problem, but lots of rain means less sunshine. In the past month our inside temperature has been as low as 61 degrees. Combined with a strong flu virus that has been going around, that may have been a factor in Kristi coming down with pneumonia. She spent 3 nights in the hospital a few days ago and is still on the mend. She’s close to full recovery but still needs a lot of rest. We’re thankful that she and the kids have a break from school for Easter week. Pray for health for Kristi. Even more significantly, pray for people on the coast who are experiencing even more serious problems during this time.

Scott's Teaching
Last week I finished grading for the last class I taught in Machala. My work there is done for now, but my burden for the students is not gone. They continue to study in other classes with other professors. Pray that God would continue to mold their lives to prepare them for even greater leadership and ministry.

I will be translating for an upcoming conference on biblical counseling in Latacunga, April 18-23. Pray that my study beforehand would be effective in preparing me to present the concepts clearly in Spanish. Pray that the conference will equip servants with new skills for guiding hurting people through life. Pray for God’s care over the rest of the family while I am away from home for a few days.

On May 6 and 7, I will be teaching a weekend conference for Quichua pastors in the Chillogallo area. Pray that God would lead me to prepare precisely the material that these pastors need right now.

Ecuador held a presidential election on April 2. Recently we’ve seen a lot of political tension as the results are evaluated. The options were very polarizing for this election. (Sound familiar?) Accusations of election fraud have been flying back and forth and small demonstrations have been common. Pray that the situation can soon be resolved, that peace would prevail, and that God will accomplish his will through the next president of Ecuador.

Luke participated in a drama at school last week called “I Never Saw Another Butterfly.” It was a very moving portrayal of the Holocaust. We are proud of him and all our kids. Pray for God’s continued work in each one of their lives.

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